The September 2018 Quiz

How well do you know the Jack the Ripper case?

It’s a question we ask month after month as we launch our quiz on the case that has fascinated people for 130 years.

A phone and computer with a card reading Quiz by them.


2018 is, most certainly, flying by.

Here in London, we’ve just gone through one of the hottest and driest summers I can remember, albeit temperatures are now returning to a seasonal norm, which, if I’m to be honest, I much prefer.

Before we know it, Christmas will be here, and then we’ll be waving farewell to yet another year.

But we’ve still got a few more of our infamous Jack the Ripper quizzes before the year ends, so welcome to the September 2018 offering.

If you’re a regular quizzer, well you know the process, simply enter your name in the relevant boxes, hit the start button, and away you go.

Rember, if the quiz doesn’t begin when you hit the res Start” button, just scroll down to the white link directly beneath the quiz and click that to be taken to the main version of the quiz.

If you’re new to the quiz you will find details of how to enter below.


The quiz is made up of ten question about the people and the places that featured in the Whitechapel murders.

Each of the questions requires either a multi-choice or a true or false answer. In other words the actual answer will be in front of you, you simply have to choose the correct one!

As with any exam, it is imperative that you read the question, as people often get the answers wrong because they are answering the wrong question.


Once you have answered all ten questions, you hit the submit button and, instantaneously, you get a certificate with your name on it giving your score.

This is the only reason we ask you to enter a name, so you can, if you wish, enter any name of your choosing.

You are the only person that sees this certificate and we do not share it or make it public.


We don’t put any limits on time – you can take as long as you like – and we don’t limit the number of attempts you can have, so you can do the quiz as many times as you like.


So, if you’re ready, just scroll back up the page to the name box, enter your name. your any name you wish to use, hit the start button, and the quiz will start.

Good luck!