The Test Answers

You might recall that, just over a week ago, we set a little quiz about that Jack the Ripper mystery and Victorian history in general.

The quiz itself was purely for fun, and the answers were all located on the history resource that we maintain on our website.

If you didn’t see the original quiz questions you can find them here before reading on.

So (drum roll please) we come to the answers.

First off, we asked what position did Joseph Loane hold? He was  the Medical Officer for Health for the district of Whitechapel, and the answer, plus his comments on the area as a whole, can be found on our East End History page.

The next question was where did Miriam Howells live? Well, she was one of the letter writers who sent letters to her neighbours in  Penrhiwceiber in Wales, purporting to be from Jack the Ripper and warning them that “before Sunday night I mean to have your life.” You can read her story, and of her neighbours reaction on our Jack the Ripper Letters page.

The third question was, what might Thomas J Bulling hve been responsible for. The answer?  He may well have written the famous Dear Boss Letter that have Jack the Ripper his name.

Next we asked what, according to Sergeant Thick, what was John, or Jack, Pizer also known as? In the early years of the investigation the prostitutes of the district had told the police that they were being threatened by a sinister character whom they had nick-named “Leather Apron.” According to Thick, when anyone in the area mentioned Leather Apron they were referring to John Pizer.

We then asked which victim was found in Dutfield’s Yard? It was the third victim Elizabeth Stride, who was murdered on 30th September 1888.

Charles Ludwig, one of the contemporary Jack the Ripper suspects was a German hairdresser.

Philip Hutchinson  was the Jack the Ripper tour guide who uncovered a never before seen photograph of Dutfield’s Yard.

Laura Richards, was the head of analysis at Scotland Yard’s Violent Crime Unit who, for the Channel Five documentary The Face of Jack the Ripper, used witnesses statements to produce a photo-fit image of what the killer might have looked like.

Patrick Mulshaw was a night watchman who was on duty close to Buck’s Row, where the body of Jack the Ripper’s first victim, Mary Nichols, was found on 31st August 1888. An hour after the discovery of her body he was approached by a stranger who told him “Watchman, old man, I believe somebody is murdered down the street.”

Our final question was, which jubilee had Queen Victoria recently celebrated at the time of the murders? It was  her Golden Jubilee, which had taken place in 1887.

How did you do?