The tours that Richard Jones leads are excellent…

Our Jack The Ripper Tour has received widespread acclaim from many national publications. Below are just a few of the comments published about why our tour is the best in London.

Richard Jones Keeps Ahead of The Pack

Walking Tours of London are now a crowded market, but Richard Jones keeps ahead of the pack with impeccable research, and having honed his performance in more than 5,000 guided toursclosequote

Publication: The Evening Standard

Richard Jones is a committed story teller

This is among the most reliable of the many London walks. Richard Jones is a committed story teller who shares his enthusiasm with fellow hunters in the dimly lit alleyways and hidden courtyards of the City..

Publication: The Independent

The Sunday Times

This is an eerie, historical site.. and, without a single prop, Richard Jones succeeds in conjuring more potent memories out of the area than from a neighbourhood full of palaces..closequote

Publication: The Sunday Times

The Daily Express

The joy of walking about with an enthusiast such as Richard Jones is the discovery of a place you thought you knew; not re-discovery, but truly seeing it for the first time..closequote

Publication: The Daily Express

The Orange County Register

Richard Jones, a delightfully animated guide, takes his captivated audience past some parts of London it’s a sure bet they would never see otherwise. It’s hard not to shiver a few times, but it certainly adds an eerie, realistic air to the adventureclosequote

Publication: The Orange County Register

Group Leisure Magazine

I was a little sceptical about how spooky a busy London borough could really be but I was pleasantly (or should I say unpleasantly) surprised to find our guide Jenny Phillips confidently guiding us into alleyways and streets lined by houses dating back to 1888, complete with authentic street lamps and, consequently, bags of atmosphere.

I left Aldgate with an enhanced understanding of the Whitechapel murders, but also feeling satisfactorily creeped out. There weren’t any shock tactics used but Jenny knew her stuff… Put it this way – on the way home I found myself avoiding those dark and dingy doorways… just in case.closequote

Publication: Group Leisure Magazine

In Britain Magazine

As the evening draws in and the chill in the air intensifies, so too does Richard Jones’s storytelling, prompting me to start, disconcertedly, looking over my shoulder or feel the hairs on my neck slightly stand on end.closequote

Publication: In Britain Magazine

The Tours That Richard Jones Leads Are Excellent

Richard Jones is able to present a “detailed and perfect account of the more historical complex theories…I doubt whether any other guide in London…could have done this. The tours that Richards Jones leads are excellent…”closequote

Publication: The Jack The Ripper A - Z

Reviewer: Martin Fido