A New Competition – Government Conspiracy

Okay, so today we thought we’d launch a new competition and have a bit of fun with it. One of the most popular books on the Jack the Ripper mystery is Stephen Knight’s Jack The Ripper The Final Solution.

The book is (if you’ll pardon the pun) one of those great Ripping Yarns concerning a Royal marriage, an illegitimate child, a masonic attempt to silence five troublesome prostitutes who were blackmailing the authorities, and a government conspiracy to hide the truth. In short it’s a brilliant work of fiction that everyone interested in the world’s greatest murder mystery should read, if only to show how much can be made out of very little fact!

The book even trots out the person who has become the prime suspect in films and on television programmes ever since Stephen Knight first fingered him, Sir William Gull.

Of course conspiracy theories are all the rage today; and so we thought we’d launch a competition based on our very own conspiracy theory, or at least one we’re hoping to help create!

With the Conservatives ripping into each other in Birmingham and David Cameron being stalked by a big blonde we think it high time for Jack the Ripper to make a return to British politics and take his seat at the very heart of the British Government.

So here is our question. If Jack the Ripper was a member of the British Government which Department would he be in charge of?

IMPORTANT. We don’t want individual members of the Cabinet or Government to be named as Jack the Ripper, we just want your ideas on which department we could put Jack the Ripper in charge of and why.

And the prize. We’ll select three suggestions  who will each receive a copy of our DVD On The Trail of Jack the Ripper.

So get on over to our Facebook Page; or flit across to our Twitter Page and tell us which Government Department you think Jack the Ripper would be best suited to.