The Quiz Answers

On Sunday we set up a quiz to test your knowledge of the Jack the Ripper murders and of Victorian history in general.  How do you think you did?

If you want to read the questions please click here.

Well, here are the answers to the 10 questions.

(1) The murders took place in 1888.

(2) Sir Charles Warren was the Metropolitan Police Commissioner when the murders began. However, he later resigned his post and his place was taken by James Monro. But the correct answer is Sir Charles Warren.

(3) The first name on the Whitechapel Murders file was Emma Smith. She was attacked by a gang in early April 1888 and later died of her injuries.

(4) Queen Victoria ascended the throne in 1837.

(5) The member of the Royal family whose name has been put forward as a Ripper suspect was Prince Albert Edward Victor, the Duke of Clarence.

(6) The letter that bore the address From Hell was sent to Mr George Lusk.

(7) The detective who headed up the on the ground investigation into the Whitechapel Murders was Inspector Abberline.

(8) Charles Dickens died in 1870.

(9) The Jack the Ripper letter that gave the murderer his name began “Dear Boss.”

(10) It is generally believed that Jack the Ripper had five victims. These are often referred to as the canonical five and their names were – Mary Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes  and Mary Kelly.

So there you have the answers to our 10 questions on Jack the Ripper and Victorian history. How did you do?  We’ll hold another quiz later this month but, in the meantime, get ready for our great new competition coming tomorrow when you can win a copy of our DVD On the Trail of Jack the Ripper.