Another Ripper Quiz

It’s time for another of our Jack the Ripper Quizzes.

This time we’re giving away a great prize.

A six person Gift Voucher entitling yourself and five friends (that is if you win the quiz!) will be sent to the winner. However, this voucher will entitle you to take not just our Jack the Ripper tour, but also to take your choice of three other London Discovery Walks over the next twelve months.

So yourself and three of your friends will be able to join four walks between 8th August 2013 and 8th August 2014.

The answers to the quiz can all be found in the Jack the Ripper History section on our website, so don’t panic if you can’t answer the questions at first glance.

The answers are there, you’ll just have to look for them. Just go to our website and look around the history link at the top of each page.

So are you ready……

How To Enter The Competition.

Please just answer the twelve questions below, fill out your details and click SUBMIT.

We’ll mark the submitted answers and announce the winner on 8th August 1888.

In the event of a tie we’ll put all the sheets that have the same score into a top hat and draw one out. That will be the winning sheet.

So head on over to the history section of our website and see if you can find the answers to these questions.

Remember the answers to the questions are all on the Jack the Ripper History section of our website.!