The Online Jack the Ripper Tour

As part of our commitment to bringing you great information and top notch videos on Jack the Ripper we take a look at a, now lost, part of history.

In today’s short film leading ripperologist Richard Jones leads you on a tour of the streets to the east of the City of London through which Jack the Ripper escaped from the site of the murder of his fourth victim Catherine Eddowes on 30th September 1888.

The body of Catherine Eddowes was found at 1.45am in a dark corner of Mitre Square and it is likely that, having killed her, the ripper exited the Square via Mitre Passage.

The passage itself has recently closed to the public as the old post war offices that surround Mitre Square are in the process of being demolished to make way for a new development.

So, this short film presents a genuine piece of East End history as this narrow passageway, through which our Jack the Ripper Guided tour has been making its way for over 31 years, is now a part of the City’s past.

The film follows in Jack’s footsteps and considers the various routes he may have taken before arriving at the doorway on Goulston Street where the murderer left behind his only clue in his entire reign of terror throughout the autumn of 1888.

To visit Mitre Square and walk these very streets yourself why not join us for our nightly tour of the ripper’s haunts which takes place every night at 7pm and departs from Exit Four of Aldgate East Underground Station.

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