Back To Normal

With the end of the Olympics London can return to normal. It’s been an exciting summer and the World has seen London at its best. To think just a few months ago we were enduring the wettest drought in history!

In April Thames Water declared a hosepipe ban on account of the extremely low levels of rain London has had over the last few years. As Londoners began packing their hose pipes away at the back of the shed, to avoid placing temptation in their way, and as they began stockpiling water to help them through the Sahara like conditions that were being predicted, a few drops of rain began to patter down on the streets of the Capital. Within a few days the skies had opened and, pretty soon, it looked like – to paraphrase the song – it might well rain until September!

To add to the misery, London Underground began stepping up their weekend closures of the tube lines and people began muttering about the inconvenience of the Olympics. “They’ll never cope” was an oft repeated mantra, as commuters endured line closures and delays.

But then, as if by magic, the Olympics arrived, the sun came out, London embraced the Olympics, and the World saw what a great city this really is.

Well, it’s over now and London is returning to normal. London Underground will be resuming their line upgrades with the result that there will, once again, be line closures.

These will, in turn, affect those of you who will be travelling by tube to take our Jack the Ripper Tour on Saturdays and Sundays. On occasions, the line will be closed into Aldgate East Station, where our walk begins.

But worry not! Remember that our motto is “with you every step of the way” and so we’ve gone the extra mile and put up dedicated pages to help you reach the tour in plenty of time and with the least amount of disruption.

So the first thing to do when planning your journey to our Jack the Ripper Walk is check if there are actually any line closures on the day you have booked for. You can do that here.

If you find that there are line or station closures then you can find the alternative directions by clicking on this link.

We provide step by step directions from nearby stations and also tell you how long the walk to the start of the tour will be walking at a leisurely pace. Allow enough time (we suggest 2 minutes for each tube station your journey will pass through and then the suggested walking time from the alternative Station) and you’ll arrive at Aldgate East in plenty of time to enjoy the walk.