Crack The Anagram Our Latest Quiz

Well, it’s time for another quiz and this time we’ve come up with a challenge that would test the mettle of Sherlock Holmes himself!

In a nutshell, we’ve taken a series of names connected with the Jack the Ripper case and, by hook or by crook, have turned them into a series of cunning anagrams.

See if you can work out what each series of words is an anagram of?


If you want some help in solving them you’ll find the all in this article an overview of the Jack the Ripper case.

All the names in the article are highlighted to make identifying them a little easier.

As with all our quizzes, you will get a certificate with your name on it and detailing how well you did.

To add a little fun, or a little challenge, or both – why not share the quiz with you friends and see which of you can get the highest score in our Crack The Anagram murderous quiz?

Okay, so it’s time to begin.

The 12 anagrams are of the following names and locations

George Hutchinson, Thomas Bowyer, Dr Francis Tumblety,  James Sadler, George Lusk, Frederick Deeming, Sir Robert Anderson, Mrs Elizabeth Long, George Chapman, Catherine Eddowes, James Maybrick and Leather Apron.

One, two, three   GO!

Good luck.