How To Get To The Tour


Please be sure to allow sufficient travel time to reach the meeting point in time for the tour’s 7pm departure.

If you’re coming by underground we suggest that you give yourself 3 minutes for each station you will pass through en route to the walk, and then add 10 minutes to allow for any delays. If you are coming by bus or taxi, we recommend that you allow an hour for the journey as you will be coming through the evening rush hour traffic.


Please ensure that you go to the correct meeting point, which is on the pavement directly outside Exit Four of Aldgate East Underground Station.

A view of Exit Four of Aldgate East Station.
This is Exit Four of Aldgate East

Aldgate East has exits at both ends of its platforms, so please don’t simply head for the first exit you see. When you get off the train there are direction signs for the various exits all along the platform walls and on the walls by the stairs as you leave the platforms. Please take a few seconds to locate and follow these signs.

Having followed the signs for exits 3 and 4 from the platforms, please go through the ticket barrier and then you will see Exit Four on the right. Your guide will be waiting on the pavement at the top of the stairs outside that exit.


If you are coming by road, you need to go to the Whitechapel Art Gallery and Exit Four is on the opposite side of the road (Whitechapel High Street) from the gallery. There is currently scaffolding around the building behind the exit. So look for that and cross over to it.

Please ensure that you arrive by 6.50pm.


Please allow sufficient travel time to ensure that you don’t miss the start of the tour. However, If you do arrive late (remember the tour departs prompt on 7pm) then please follow these catchup directions.

Also, please ensure that you have joined our tour with guides John, Philip, Lindsay or Barry. Just ask them when you arrive if this is the Discovery Tours Original Jack the Ripper Tour.


Look across the main road from Exit Four and you will see a pub called The White Hart. To its right is a covered passage. Please pass through this covered passage (it is called Gunthorpe Street). The tour will be somewhere along Gunthorpe Street for approximately 12 minutes. Remember to ensure that you have joined John, Philip, Lindsay, or Barry of Discovery Tours.

The tour then continues to the top of Gunthorpe Street, and turns right along Wentworth Street. Crossing to its left side, it then turns left along Brick Lane and pauses at its junction with Thrawl Street outside The Shaad Restaurant. The tour is here for about 8 minutes.

The tour then continues along Brick Lane, crossing over Fashion Street, Fournier Street and Princelet Street, and then turns left into Hanbury Street where it stops a little way along on the right side.

This is 35 minutes into the tour.

If you are later than this, you will need to make your way to the other end of Hanbury Street, turn left along Commercial Street, go past the Ten Bells Pub and cross Fournier Street and then join the tour by Christchurch (the church with the large white tower and spire) across from the Ten Bells.


However, the best way to ensure that you enjoy the full tour is to arrive in plenty of time for the designated start time of 7pm. To travel by tube from the West End, please allow 3 minutes for every tube station, you will need to travel through on your journey and then add 10 minutes to allow for any delays.

If you are coming by taxi or bus from the West End please allow at least an hour for the journey.