Guide Focus – Lindsay Siviter

The key to our standing as the best Jack the Ripper Tour, and there are so many of them today, is the fact that we offer published authors and dedicated researchers as guides. When you join our walk you will be in the company of a genuine expert and, in several cases you will be able to purchase and read their books.

It’s a fact that no other company offers the same constant degree of expertise.

Which is why today we thought we’d focus on one of our most popular expert guides Lindsay Siviter.

Lindsay has been studying the Jack the Ripper case since she was 10 years old. She has an unrivalled knowledge of the suspect whom Hollywood movies are very fond of naming, Sir William Gull, the Royal physician.

It’s safe to say that Lindsay has conducted more in depth research into Sir William Gull than any other guide. Indeed last year she even flew to South Africa to meet with and interview his descendants. How’s that for dedication! She is widely acknowledged as being effectively his official biographer and can answer any questions you might have on this, highly popular, Jack the Ripper suspect.

Those who take the Jack the Ripper Tour with Lindsay often comment on her obvious passion for the history of the case and on how well she puts the story across.

During the day Lindsay spends a great deal of time delving into the archives and travelling far and wide to unearth fascinating facts and information about the Jack the Ripper murders. Join her for a tour at night and you are, more than likely, going to get the latest and most up to date finds, often long before they are made public.

However, Lindsay also has a huge affinity with and respect for Jack the Ripper’s victims. She is blessed with an amazing singing voice and one of the most poignant parts of her tour is when she sings the song that Mary Kelly, the last of Jack the Ripper’s victims, was heard singing in her room shortly before her murder. It is a haunting melody and many of those who join her on the tour often comment on just how moving they find it.