You’ve won

We’ve chosen the three winners for the DVD On the Trail of Jack the Ripper. A big thanks you to all those who took part and, if you haven’t won, don’t worry we’ve got some more great competitions planned before the year has flown.

For those of you who missed this particular competition we asked the simple, though topical, question – if Jack the Ripper was a member of the British Government what department would he be in charge of?

Well, we got some good answers. Several people thought he’d be good in charge of the health department, others though his unique talents would be best suited to the DSS. 

In fact all the answers were good but, sadly, we could only choose three winners and those we have chosen are:-

Anita Dolan who thought he would make a popular prime minister.

Jan Chandler who suggested the minister for urban development.

William Sanderson who, in a great play on words, put him forward for the post of Hoe Secretary!

As per usual if our winners would like to email us the postal address to which you’d like the DVD to be sent to we’ll get it in the post in the next few days.

We’re working on a new competition for the next few weeks so keep checking back here and we’re going to be running a mega Christmas Competition with an absolutely brilliant prize which we’ll announce in mid September.

In the meantime be sure to check tomorrow’s blog in which we’ll be profiling one of our popular Jack the Ripper Tour guides Lindsay Siviter.