Haunted Britain Book Winners

Just a very quick blog today to announce the winners of our Halloween book competition. We asked people to give us a like and tell us their favourite haunted location, and we most certainly got some great answers.

Here at Ripper central we’ve always had a very simple way of deciding who has won our competitions. People give us a like and a comment, we then copy and paste those names onto a Word document, jumble them up and then Joanne, our office manager, picks a number and the person at that number in the list is the winner of whatever give away we are, well, errrr… giving away!

In the past we’ve given away gift Vouchers for our Jack the Ripper Tour, copies of our acclaimed video Unmasking Jack the Ripper and copies of Richard’s book Uncovering Jack the Ripper’s London – and our tried and trusted selection method has quickly and efficiently chosen the winners.

But we’ve now got a new member of our team, none other than William – Joanne and Richard’s youngest son – and he’s dragged us kicking and screaming into the 21st century as far as this interweb thingy goes.

William has fed all the names through something called a random number generator and used that to select the winning names. Now, personally, we always reckoned Joanne to be a perfectly adequate random number generator, but we’re always willing to try out these new-fangled interwebby thingymebobs and so we’ve gone with the flow and are about to choose the two winners, each of whom will receive a signed copy of Richard’s book Haunted Britain and Ireland.

So, William, roll that random generator thingy…….


Elder Sheila  and Rachel Good.

Please just send us the address you wish your copy of the book to be sent to and let us know if you would like a special message and we’ll get the book off to you by first class post.

We’ve got some great competitions coming up, including a mega Christmas one, and we’re also going to be making a big announcement later in November, so be sure to keep dropping by here for the latest updates and news on our Jack the Ripper Tour and on the history of the ripper crimes.