Haunted Places In London


Today,  I though I’d make a few recommendations for the best places to go to to enjoy a truly haunted night out in London.

So, without further ado, here are my top five ghostly locations.

But, before I get started, can I just say – BOO!

1. 50 Berkeley Square.

The exterior of 50 Berkeley Square.
50 Berkeley Square – London’s Most Haunted House.

When it comes to the dark side of London’s history, a trip to Berkeley Square is a must. On the west side of the square is number 50, a building that, in the past, had such a reputation for ghostly and sinister goings on that it was able, for many years, to bask in the moonlight of being dubbed, quite simply, the most haunted house in London. Even today, with the Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s screeching around the square outside, this old house has a distinctly uneasy feel about it.

But, in the past, it was home to a certain “something” that caused many who encountered it in its favoured haunt of the attic rooms to leap to their deaths from the windows rather than face it a moment more than they had to.

As a result of this, few people survived their encounter to be able to tell others what it was, and those who did survive were so terrified by it that they were either robbed of their reason or their voice – sometimes both – so that they were unable to shed any light on the mysterious, evil  entity at number 50 Berkeley Square.

So, by all means, make your way to the square and gaze up at the ink black windows of number 50’s upper storey. But be sure not to linger too long as you never know who might come crashing out of the window towards you.

2. St John’s Churchyard, Hampstead

Leaning gravestones in St JOohn's Churchyard.
St John’s Churchyard In Hampstead.

Not only is this one of London’s wildest and untamed churchyards, it is also one of the creepiest, especially when the dark veil of the Hampstead night drapes itself across crazy-angled tombstones that seem. somehow to beckon you ever deeper into the tangled bushes and tress with which the tiny necropolis abounds. Add to the atmosphere of the place the fact that some believe this is the churchyard that Bram Stoker featured in Dracula,  and the stage is set for a genuine encounter with the unknown and the unseen!

3. The Tower of London

A view of the White Tower which stands at the heart of the Tower of London.
The Tower of London Seen From The Riverside

Looming over the eastern fringe of the City of London, this ancient fortress, erected by William 1st in the wake of his Norman invasion of 1066, has had almost a thousand years to acquire a population of resident wraiths. Pop in as the day is drawing to a close, and you may well bump into one or two of them going about their nocturnal preparations for a night of haunting ahead. They’re all here from the headless to the harmless and, even if you don’t see a ghost, the atmosphere is such that you will be in the right mood to do so later on in your evening!

4. The Grenadier Pub

An exterior view of the Grenadier Pub.
The Grenadier Pub in Belgravia

Of course, no Halloween would be complete without a visit to a haunted pub and The Grenadier is most certainly up there on the list of London’s haunted hostelries. Tucked away in a hidden mews in London’s poshest neighbourhood, Belgravia. the Grenadier enjoys a reputation for all sorts of things going bump in the night and, for that matter, in the middle of the day as well! A spectral smoker, the sad shade of a murdered soldier and an icy chill are just a few of the encounters you can look forward to!

5. Jack the Ripper Sites

A photograph of the Ten Bells Pub as it is today.
The Ten Bells Pub

Of course, here at the Jack the tour of London, we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t include some of the locations connected with the infamous Whitechapel Murders. Buck’s Row where Mary Nichols was murdered; Hanbury Street, where Annie Chapman was murdered; and Mitre Square, where Catherine Eddowes was murdered are all reputed to be haunted, whereas the Ten Bells pub, which is indelibly linked with the crimes and the victims, is also known to experience its fair share of paranormal activity.