It’s Cold Outside

Well, the weather outside is frightful but a walk can be delightful if you dress for the cold!

We’re currently in the grip of the so-called “beast from the east” as a cold wind has sept in from Siberia and short flurries of snow are swirling over the streets of London.

But the cold weather gives a certain amount of atmosphere to the streets of the East End of London and, let’s be honest, the weather’s never a problem if you dress for the weather!

So the forecast is that the cold weather is with us until into next week, after which it should get warmer.

If you’re going to join us on the Jack the Ripper tour this weekend please, please, please, be sure to wrap up warm and wear plenty of layers. Keep in mind that the tour is around two hours and you’ll be out on the streets of the East End.

But, if you heed our warning and do dress appropriately then you’re in for a great time as we’ve got ┬áthree great guides out. John Bennett, Lindsay Siviter and Jenny Phillips will be guiding the walk on Saturday night.

There’s something about the crisp winter nights that really does give the streets of Spitalfields a true atmospheric feel. It’s really difficult to put your finger on what it is that is different but the area just looks different when its cold. Creepier, more atmospheric and it has a real feel about it.

So, if you want to enjoy a great evening out with some great guides then come and join us for a tour of the streets and alleyways where the Jack the Ripper walked, and feel the, literal chill of an East End winter’s night.