The Ripper and The Royals

We’ve been generating a lot of discussion lately on our Jack the Ripper Tours Facebook Page the possible identity of the Whitechapel Murderer.

The general responses amongst those who have commented on the mystery of who was responsible for the Jack the Ripper murders has been varied and we’ve had some pretty lively debating both for and against certain suspects.

Quite a few people have come down in favour of the fact that it was a local man (some say a local woman) who his neighbours though might be a little odd but who, on the whole, they though to be harmless.

Now, in my opinion, this is a highly likely scenario, f not the likeliest of all. If you consider the facts, this murderer was able to carry out his killings in a densely populated area and was then able to melt away into the night without attracting any attention. This would suggest that he was somebody who didn’t stand out from the crowd and would, therefore, point to the perpetrator being a local man (or woman).

However, the other theory that has been aired, and which has generated some pretty lively debate, is that Jack the Ripper was, in fact, a member of the Royal family.

Now, this theory has been round for an awful long time and, as I’ve mentioned before, it the theory we often get mentioned to us by those who join us for the Jack the Ripper Walking tour.

The member of the Royal family whose name is most often been put forward is that of Prince Albert Edward Victor, the Duke of Clarence who, but for his premature death in 1892, was destined to become a future King of England.

Now, tempting as it is to believe that a deranged royal was responsible for the World’s most famous murder spree, there is little evidence to suggest that the Duke of Clarence was Jack the Ripper – on the contrary all the evidence points to the fact that he wasn’t even in London on the nights that the majority of the murders took place. Indeed we have a whole section on Prince Albert Edward Victor on this page of our website.

The problem is that television and film producers just love a conspiracy theory and so they will never let a little thing like the facts stand in the way of their drama. Thus, almost every film, and the majority of the TV dramas, have gone down the road of the murders being, in some way, connected to the Royal family and/or the British Government.

So, even though it is completely unlikely, not to say implausible, as a theory, no doubt the idea of the Ripper as a Royal will keep being trotted out until such time as that final bit of the puzzle is slotted into place and the name of the local (or locals) responsible for the infamous 1888 murders is revealed.