Jack the Ripper Hunters

Now, this one’s hard!

I devised it and I found it a struggle to solve it!

So, can you beat the clock (you have 15 minutes) to get the names of four of the detectives who hunted Jack the Ripper? The four you need to track down are Abberline, Anderson, Reid and Warren.

You’re going to need to become a letter detective to search for the patterns of the letters in the jumble of letters that will confront you when you first look at the screen.

But, as the great Corporal Jones would say, don’t panic.

Just relax, focus and soon you’ll start to notice patterns in the letters that as you start to click on them begin to spell out the name of the police officer in question and, before you know it you’ve hunted the hunters.

As always, why not share it with your friends and see which of you gets the highest score?

Good luck.