Hang The Ripper

Had the Victorian Police achieved their objective, and had actually brought Jack the Ripper to justice, the he would almost certainly have faced the death penalty and would have been hanged.

Of course, with over 126 years having elapsed since the murders occurred, the miscreant responsible for the crimes is, hopefully, long departed and the chances of him being brought to justice are negligible.

So, today we thought we’d give you the opportunity to do what the Victorian police and the 19th century justice system failed to do and hang Jack the Ripper.


Okay, perhaps that is  a bit misleading – not to say overly dramatic(!) –  because what you’ve in fact got to do is identify our new suspect by playing a traditional game of hangman!


Our challenge below consists of the first name and the surname of a Jack the Ripper suspect. The game is based on the game of hangman in that you must choose letters and, for every one you get wrong, your character gets closer to becoming the hanged man. It is a two part challenge. The first part is to get the suspect’s first name. The second is to get the surname.

Now, you’re probably thinking that once you have the first name then you’ll have no problem getting the surname. Sadly, it’s not that simple. The reason I say that it is a new suspect is because the name is made up of the first name of one suspect and the surname of a different suspect. How fiendishly cunning is that?

So, suppose the first name is Montague, the surname wont be Druitt, but might be Kosminski. Don’t worry, I haven’t given the game away as that is not the name in question.

But, then again, it might be and this might simply be a double bluff!


So, to sum up, on the puzzle below you must start by getting the first name of a suspect and then you’ll be taken to part two, for which you’ll need to get the surname of a totally different suspect.

Are you ready to play hang the ripper?

He’s a slippery character so can you do what the Victorian Police couldn’t do and identify Jack the Ripper.

Good luck!

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