Jack the Ripper Summer Nights

Well, it seems we’ve well and truly managed to put that dreadful winter far behind us! We’ve enjoyed a couple of days of balmy summer weather and London is looking totally different.

So now’s the time to see the streets of Whitechapel and Spitalfields in a whole different light, quite literally.

If you joined the Jack the Ripper tour one one of those many bitterly cold winter nights that we’ve just endured, then why not come along and see those same streets in summer?

The point about the area that we explore on the walking tour is that it is a really fascinating part of London made up of some fantastic old alleyways and really atmospheric streets.

Many of the streets that we explore on the walk are still, more or less, as they were in Jack the Ripper’s day, and the buildings that line them are the very ones that formed the backcloth against which the saga of the Whitechapel Murders was played out.

The buildings are intriguing though for reasons way beyond their connection with the most infamous series of murders in history. Most of them were built in the 18th century for the huguenot master silk weavers. Many of them still retain their 18th century fetures, such as the elegant porches and attic workshops.

Indeed, so little changed are some of the streets we pass through that they are often used as locations for films that require an historical backdrop. 

The wonderful thing about exploring on a summer’s might is that you really can admire the features and the architecture of these lovely old buildings and you can really get a feel for the vibrant history of the area.

So, why not book a place on London’s premier Jack the Ripper Walk and let out expert guides (who are experts on East End history as well as on the Whitechapel Murders) introduce you to some of London’s finest and least changed streets?