James Maybrick

Today we take a look at the case in 1889 when Florence Maybrick was accused of poisoning her husband James Maybrick. James would later become a suspect for the mantle of Jack the Ripper, based largely on the infamous diary that he is reputed to have kept in which he noted down the details of his crimes. Today, however, we’re not concerned with the veracity of the diary, nor with his viability as a ripper suspect.

Rather we present a set of images (all of which are courtesy of and the copyright of the British Library Board) from the Illustrated Police News, which detail the charging of n=and the subsequent trail of Florence Maybrick.

An illustration reporting the death of James Matbirck showing his wife Florence in bed.
Florence Maybrick In Bed


Another clipping from the Illustrated Police News/
The Maybrick Murder


An illustrated police article on the James Maybrick Case.
Coverage of the Maybrick Case


Illustrated Police News Coverage of the trial of Mrs Florence Maybrick.
The Trial Of Florence Maybrick


Mrs Florence Maybrick is woken.
Florence Maybrick