Rebuilding Dorset Street

With the recent demolition of the former Dorset Street, we thought it might be a nice idea to set another of our jigsaw puzzles in the course of which participants can attempt to rebuild the notorious thoroughfare that once had the dubious distinction of being the “worst street in London.”

So, today we launch our on line challenge to rebuild Dorset Street, the street in which Mary Kelly was murdered on November 9th 1888.


Simply use your mouse or cursor to move the pieces around the puzzle area and slot them into place to rebuild the street. It’s that simple! Well, actually it isn’t that simple as there are 25 pieces to this fiendish jigsaw puzzle. Hover, you’ll know if you’ve placed the correct piece in the correct slot as you will hear a reassuring and satisfying plop that will notify you another piece of the puzzle has been slotted in.

You’ll need to ensure that you keep all the pieces on the white section because, if you move them off, you will discard the pieces and have to start all over again.

Also, if you can’t see a piece and think you’ve lost one – or that we’ve deliberately hidden one to frustrate you – the likelihood is that you’ve inadvertently hidden it behind another piece.

It’s challenging, but fun.

Good Luck.