Rebuilding Hanbury Street

Today, we continue with our mission to rebuild, on line at least, the various sites connected with the Jack the Ripper murders in the East End of London.

Today. we are going to set you the challenge of rebuilding 29 Hanbury Street, scene of the murder of Annie Chapman on 8th September 1888.

The north side of the street, which is where the murder actually took place, was demolished in the 1960’s and has been replaced by an unsightly brewery building.

But, with a little dedication, you have the technology to rebuild number 29, on line at least!


When you have completed the task you will be looking at the façade past which Mrs Elizabeth Long walked at around 5.30am on the morning of the 8th September. As she passed it, she saw a man and a woman chatting on the pavement outside. Although the man had his back to her, preventing her from seeing his face, she did hear him ask the woman “will you?” in an accent that led her to deduce that he was a “foreigner.” She did see the woman’s face and she was later emphatic that the woman had been Annie Chapman. Read more about Elizabeth Long’s sighting.


30 minutes later, at 6am, John Davies, and elderly resident of 29 Hanbury Street discovered her mutilated body in the backyard of 29.


So, are you ready to rebuild 29 Hanbury Street? Why not share this with your friends and see who gets it done in the quickest time?


Simply slot the pieces of the jigsaw back together and see how long it takes you to complete the task. Each time you place a piece in the correct location you will hear a  “beep.” Be very careful to keep the pieces on the white surface as, if you move them into the black, you will have discarded them and have to start again. Also, if a piece – or pieces – appear to be missing be sure to check that you have not covered them with another piece as this can, and sometimes does, happen.

Ready, steady -GO!