The Secret East End – Mile End Place

One of the most surprising East End streets, located just a short distance form where our Jack the Ripper Tour begins, is Mile End Place, an easily missed turning off Mile End Road.

The entrance to Mile End Place, sen from Mile End Road.
Mile End Place Entrance

Indeed, the turning off Mile End Road that leads into this little, secret oasis, looks more like the entrance to an industrial unit or builders yard and, consequently, you could easily walk straight past this little throwback to bygone London without giving it a second glance.


However, to do so would be a great pity as, once you’ve turned into it, the roar of the 21st century is reduced to little more than a distant murmur and you find yourself confronted by a series of early 19th century workers cottages that, most certainly, would not be out of place in a country village.

It really is a true delight.

So, if you are going to join us for our nightly tour of Jack the Ripper’s East End haunts, then why not arrive a few hours early and take a little time to get to known this secret part of the East End.

The closest underground Station to it is Stepney Green (which is two stops past Aldgate East) so you don’t have to go too far out of your way to encounter it. You’ll most certainly be glad you did, that’s a promise.

So, here are a few photos to show the delights that lie in store for the intrepid wanderer who makes the journey out east.

The first view you get of the cottages in Mile End Place.
The view just inside Mile Place.


Some of the delightful cottages to be found in Mile End Place.
Mile End Place Cottages


Another view of the cottages in Mile End Place
Houses In Mile End Place