Ripper TV Launched

Over the years we’ve made quite a few Jack the Ripper documentaries covering all aspects of what we consider to be a fascinating case.

Now those Jack the Ripper documentaries are being launched on our website as Jack the Ripper TV as easily digestible film clips that cover various aspects of the mystery but which also look at the more general history of The East End of London and of the districts of Whitechapel and Spitalfields in particular.

In our first clip Richard Jones, the founder of our Jack the Ripper Tour, leads you on a journey through the London streets which follows the trail that the murderer left as he made his way from Mitre Square where he had murdered Catherine Eddowes.

There can be little doubt that the killer would have been heavily bloodstained as he fled from the scene of this latest atrocity and, as you will see in this presentation, he was fleeing into streets that would have been teeming with police officers. Yet he, somehow, managed to pass through the amassed ranks of the police and slip across the boundary from the City of London (in which Mitre Square was and is still located) and escape into the East End of London. Here he ducked into a darkened doorway and used a piece of apron, which had cut from the body of Catherine Eddowes, to wipe the blood from his hands and from the blade of his knife. He then dropped the piece of apron in the doorway and fled to his lair somewhere in the East End of London.

This Jack the Ripper TV presentation tracks him from Mitre Square to the doorway where he left the apron and even features an interview with the proprietor of the Happy Days fish and chip shop whose take-away counter now occupies the doorway.