Stop Jack the Ripper

If you’ve not taken a look at our Facebook page then I highly recommend it as a great resource where people leave comments on their own opinions or answer various questions that we pose from time to time.

We recently asked the question “If you could stop one suspect in the street and accuse them of being Jack the Ripper, who would it be?”

We got some intriguing responses, For example one person responded with “my mom”!

But several others came up.

Francis Tumbetly, for example reared his head, so to speak. The Royal suspect, Prince Albert Edward Victor, was another suggestion.

One person suggested George Hutchinson as a possible suspect. Indeed, a point we often make on our Jack the Ripper Tour is that the description he gave of the man he saw with Mary Kelly, shortly before she was murdered, was way to detailed to be a genuine description.

We often ask questions such as this on the Facebook Page as we truly believe that everybody should have an input on the case.

In addition if we come across something new on the mystery, be it new suspect, or even somewhere in the East End of London that we think people might like to visit, then we’ll also post that on the page.

So please feel free to get involved. If you have any questions you want answered, or you have an opinion on a particular suspect, then just drop on by and make share it with our community.

And, of course, the question of who you would like to stop in the street and accuse of being Jack the Ripper is still open!