The April 2020 Jack The Ripper Quiz

These are difficult times for all of us. Here at the Jack the Ripper tour we have ceased operating our nightly walk for the foreseeable future until we are over this troubling time.

However, that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop our monthly quizzes, they can, after all be done from the comfort of your own home.

So, welcome to the April, 2020 Jack the Ripper True crime Quiz.

For those of you who are regular participants in our monthly conundrums, you probably don’t need any introduction as to how the quiz works. So, enter the name of your choice into the box below and hit the red “Start” button. And, may we wish you the very best of luck.


For those of you who are new to our monthly challenge. participation is a simple and straightforward affair. To begin the quiz, you will just need to enter a name of your choice into the box above. It can be your actual name, or it can be any name you care to use. We only need a name so that we can issue you with a certificate on completing the quiz. Aside from that, your name is not important, and we make no other use of it other than on the certificate.

That done, you will need to hit the “Start” button. If the quiz doesn’t begin when you do this simply click on the white click directly under the quiz and this should solve the problem.

You will then work your way through ten questions on the Jack the Ripper Whitechapel murder case. They require you to choose an answer from a list of four, or to make a true or false answer to a statement.

Once you have completed all ten questions, simply hit the “Submit” button and our backroom team will go to work and, within seconds, you will be presented with your certificate giving your score and the date on which you took the quiz.

There is no time limit, so spend as long or as little as you wish to. There is also no limit on the number of times you can take the quiz, so if you don’t do too well the first time you can have as many goes as you wish.

And that is really all there is to it.

So, when you are ready, put a name into the box above, hit, the “Start” button, and away you go.

Wishing you every success!