The Central Line Is Part Suspended Today

If anyone is thinking of travelling to tonight’s walk via the Central Line please be informed that it’s part suspended between Bethnal Green and Marble Arch due to “planned engineering work.”

This means that if you intended to go to Liverpool Street and then switch onto the Hammersmith and City Line to go the one stop to Aldgate East Station, where our Jack the Ripper Tour meets then, unfortunately this won’t be possible.

The best bet would be to, either head to King’s Cross or Baker Street, both of which are on the Hammersmith and City Line, or go to Embankment and then take an eastbound District Lone train to Aldgate East Station.

It’s been a bit of a week for the Central Line! On Wednesday Thames Water had the bright idea of checking on a 100 year old water main at Stratford to make sure it would be OK during the Olympics. There big fear was that it might burst during the Olympics and cause a whole heap of disruption to those travelling to the games.

Their investigation resulted in the main bursting and sending millions of litres of water gushing into the Central Line tunnels and bringing the whole line to a complete standstill for more than 24 hours. 

They’ve now admitted that there are twenty four other mains that they haven’t yet checked. Let’s hope that they’ve learnt from this week’s woes and that those 25 rogue water mains don’t burst as well with similar disruption. Oh the wonders of Thames Water!