The Dickens Tours Launch Today

Richard’s Dickens Tours of London go live today with the first one A Journey Through Dickens London setting off from Chancery Lane at 11.30am.

By way of introduction, with Charles Dickens you are talking the undisputed chronicler of Victorian London. He has left us with a wealth of material about the streets of his city and it is still possible today to set off , armed with his books, and, literally, see London through his eyes.

Unlike many tours, where the guide recites from a script, Richard prefers his tours to be more informal. As an expert on Dickens London, he likes to chat with you as he goes round. Yes, there will be regular locations, such as the Old Curiosity Shop, John Forster’s House, Staple Inn and Lincoln’s Inn Old Hall, ┬ábut if there is a particular aspect of Dickens’s life or works that you feel you’d like to discuss, then just let Richard know and he’ll be happy to talk the talk with you.

Likewise, Richard is likely to veer off route if he suddenly thinks of something you might enjoy, or if a particular London location is quite topical on the day you take your walk. So his walks are always fresh and, as mentioned earlier, always informal. After all there’s nothing worse than listening to a guide droning on and on from an obviously memorised script.

Of course, having done a Charles Dickens walking tour, and walked in the footsteps of one of the most famous and popular English men of all time, you can go to the opposite extreme and follow in the footsteps of the most evil English man of all time, Jack the Ripper.

Both tours provide their own unique insights into different aspects of Victorian London. The Jack the Ripper Tour, for example, looks at the poverty stricken, criminal infested streets of Whitechapel and Spitalfields. The Charles Dickens Tour, on the other hand, explores the Inns of Court, the legal district of London “where lawyers lie like maggots in nuts”! However, since Dickens also knew poverty in his early years, and was most certainly obsessed with the criminal elements of his society, then the two do cross over in this respect, albeit both explore completely different and contrasting areas of London.

So join one of the leading experts on Dickensian London for a walking tour that is fascinating, informative and insightful. Read more about the tour.