The Jack the Ripper Documentary

One of our keys to being London’s leading tour on the Jack the Ripper murders is the amount of original research that we conduct. Our Jack the Ripper TV Channel showcases much of that research and has proved very popular since its launch in April.

Our documentary Unmasking Jack the Ripper has become quite a sensation and has been hailed as the best documentary on the subject of recent years. On Youtube it has notched up over 100,000 views making it the most watched  video of any walks company. If you’ve not seen the introduction to this acclaimed drama/documentary then here it is again.

The documentary takes a close look at the few months in 1888 when the Whitechapel Murders held, first the East End of London, and then the country as a whole, in a grip of terror.

It looks at the earlier crimes, the murders of Emma Smith and Martha Tabram, that may or may not have been the work of Jack the Ripper. It then goes on to trace the development of the police investigation into the murders and casts a critical eye over that investigation.

A key element in the case was the arrival in late September 1888 of a letter that was signed Jack the Ripper and which really did help make this particular set of murders so famous. If you’ve not seen our film on the letters then here it is again.

Unmasking Jack the Ripper has been hailed as the “best ripper documentary” of recent years and the above clips are taken from it.

We’re going to be adding a lot more video content in the coming months, including an intriguing revelation about the crimes, which we’re keeping under wraps at the moment. So be sure to check back regularly or, better still, now that the nights are getting dark, and the East End streets are getting creepier, why not take the tour and walk in the footsteps of Jack the Ripper?