The Jack the Ripper Experts

When you join us for a walking tour of the Jack the Ripper murder sites you are joining guides who are internationally recognised as the World’s leading experts on this fascinating case. Indeed, between them our guides have written 10 books on the mystery and have been called upon to act as expert interviewees on almost every documentary about the Whitechapel Murders in recent years.

However, the big story in recent weeks has been the discovery of the DNA evidence on the shawl that links Aaron Kosmsinki to Catherine Eddowes and which, so it is being claimed, proves that Kosminski was indeed Jack the Ripper.

Each of our guides was able to study the information and the evidence form an experts perspective and was able to then discuss this latest find with our walkers using their own knowledge of the case, not repeat, parrot fashion, informations that they were passed second hand from somebody else, but fist hand knowledge based on their own personal research.

Indeed, one of our guides had been involved in assessing this latest information since long before it became public knowledge, and three of our guides have not only seen and studied the shawl close up, but they have also been writing articles about it since 2007. That meant that they were in a position to give our walkers the benefit of first hand experience and knowledge drawn from their own resources and not passed to them from somebody else’s studies.

That is why we enjoy a reputation for the quality that is without rival and that is why many of our clients return time and again. 

Indeed, as we like to put it, with other London walks you will be taken around by a guide who has just read somebody else’s book. With our tours you will be taken round by the people who wrote the books and who has done the in depth research necessary to be able to call yourself an expert.

So, when you join us for a tour, you will be able to discuss first hand all the latest finds on the case with somebody who, not only knows about those finds, but who is able to assess the validity of those finds and put them in the correct context.

But, best of all, the fact that we limit the number of participants on our tour to a sensible and manageable number means that, with out tours, you are not herded round on an unsightly cattle drive, but are, instead, part of a more sedate experience that really does enable you to explore Jack the Ripper’s London as part of an intimate group of Crime Scene Investigators who, because of the way our walking tour is structures, really will be hot on the trail of Jack the Ripper.