The Jack the Ripper Suspects Quiz

The number of suspects whose names have, over the years, been put forwards as likely contenders for the mantle of Jack the Ripper now runs into the hundreds.

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The list of suspects range from the highly possible to the extremely unlikely. But, combined, they provide ample material for a fantastically challenging quiz.

And there’s so much material to choose from!

An image of Harold Macmilian scratching his head.
Harold Macmillan Trying The Quiz

Each year, you can guarantee that several books will come out in which the author will try, often very convincingly, to prove that a new – or, on many occasions, existing –  suspect was responsible for the shocking murders that were committed by an unknown miscreant whom history has chosen to remember as “Jack the Ripper.”

The most intriguing thing about these books is that, collectively, they prove one thing – interest in Jack the Ripper is increasing with each year that passes.


So, today we are going to set you a little quiz which has been designed to test your knowledge on those, many of whose names are, today, only really remembered because they have turned up as suspects in the hunt for a man whose name we will, probably, never know for certain.

The quiz isn’t concerned with the veracity of any of the suspects but, rather, is concerned with your ability to know – or, if you don’t know then at least try to find – the answers to ten multiple choice questions concerning  Selection of suspects.


No essays are required as the questions are either multiple choice answers or are asking you to decide if a statement about a particular suspect is true or false.  What could be simpler?

However, some of the information isn’t straightforward and might, therefore, require a little thought or even research.

Once you’ve answered the 10 questions your score will be given immediately and, if you score more than our pass rate (which is 60% or above) you’ll be awarded our sought after certificate from our Department of Ripperology to show to your friends and show them what an expert you are (or aren’t!) when it comes to the Jack the Ripper suspects.


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