The January 2018 Jack The Ripper Quiz

Greetings, salutations, and a very Happy New year to you all.

Well, 2018 is now almost two weeks old, and almost a month has passed since the last Jack the Ripper quiz of 2017 was posted.

So, it’s time to ring in the New year (quizzically at least0 with a brand new collection of questions concerning the Whitechapel murder spree of 1888.


To begin the quiz it is simplicity itself. Just hit the red “Start” button below, and away you go.

If, as sometimes happens with ipads and iphones, the quiz doesn’t start after following the above instructions, just click here , and you’ll be taken to the main version of the quiz.

The quiz consists of ten questions about the case. The answers required are either true or false or multi-choice, so you will see the actual answer in front of you, it is just a question of, if you don’t actually know the correct answer, opting for the one that you think is the likeliest.

Remember that it is massively important to read the question!

There is no time limit to the quiz, so you’re not up against the clock. You can take as long, as you like.

There are also no limits on the number of times you can attempt the quiz; so, if you don’t do so well the first time, have another go!


Once you have entered your 10 answers, our backroom marking team in our esteemed Department of Ripperology, will go to work instantly and will, within a matter of milliseconds, present you with a certificate that will give you your score.


And, in essence, that’s all there is to it.

So, if you feel up to the challenge, hit the “Start” button, or this link, to get going, and Good Luck to you in your endeavours.