The July 2019 Jack The Ripper Quiz

It gives me great pleasure to bring you the seventh challenge of 2019 – the Jack the Ripper July 2019 Quiz.

For those of you who regularly participate in answering the questions we set each month about the Whitechapel murders and the history surrounding them, you will know from experience how to do the quiz, so just enter your name into the boxes below, hist the “Start” button – and away you go.


For those of you who are new to our monthly conundrums, he is a quick summary of how the quiz works and how to answer the questions.

To start the quiz, simply type in a name – it could be your name or it could be any name of your choice as it is only used to present you with a certificate detailing your score when you have completed the challenge.

Once you have done that, hit the red “Start” button and the July 2019 questions will begin. If the quiz doesn’t begin immediately – there is occasionally an issue with iPads and iPhones – just click on the white link above and this will take you to an online version of the quiz which should work without any problems.


Once the quiz begins, you will have to answer ten questions of the Whitechapel murders and the people connected to the crimes in various ways. Each one of the questions requires either a multi-choice or a true or false answer.

Please be sure to take your time and ensure that you read the question that you are being asked in order that you answer it correctly. It must be said that people sometimes get the wrong answer because they have answered the wrong question. How annoying would that be!


Which you have answered all ten of the questions, hit the “Submit” button and are backroom gremlins will go to work on marking your answers, and, within seconds, you will be presented with a certificate giving details of your score.


There is no time limit on how long you can take over your answers, and there is also no limit on the number of times that you can take the quiz, so, if you don’t do so well on your first attempt, don’t be disheartened, simply have another go and keep trying until you achieve a score to be proud of!

And, that’s all there is to it.

So, when you are ready, enter a name in the box above, hit the red “Start” button, and away you go.

Wishing you every success.