The June 2020 Jack The Ripper Quiz

Goodness me, the year is half over, and what a strange year it has been.

But, although our regular Jack the Ripper tour is not actually taking place, we haven’t gone away, and we have launched a Virtual Tour that is the next best thing to actually walking the streets of London’s East End. Full details here.


Of course, the other thing that won’t be going anywhere is our monthly Jack the Ripper Quiz.

Taking the quiz is as simple as just entering a name and clicking on the “Start” button. We ask for a name so that we can award you a personalised certificate of achievement on completion. Since this is the only reason we ask for a name, you can, in fact, enter any name of your choice.

Once you have entered a name, the quiz will begin, and you will be presented with ten questions on the murders. They all require multi-choice answers, so simply choose what you believe, or know, to be the right answer from the list of answers presented to you.

And that really is all there is to participate in the quiz.

So, when you are ready, simply enter a name into the box below, hit the “Start” button, and away you go.

There are no limits on the amount of time it takes for you to complete the quiz, nor on how many times you wish to attempt it. So, if at first you don’t get your desired score you can try, try and try again!

Good luck.