The Man Who Murdered Sherlock Holmes

Over the last few days we’ve been running another of our great competitions on our Facebook page.

This time the prize on offer is a free copy of the Richard Jones and Mark Ubsdell produced drama/documentary “The Man Who Murdered Sherlock Holmes.”

We’ve had quite a few entries and we’re going to change the format for selecting the winning entry this time.

First of all to enter the competition you need to give us a like on Facebook. Once we’ve got the like you’re then eligible to enter the competition.

However, you must then answer a simply question – well we think it’s simple! Having answered the, ever so, oh so, question we will then select the names of all those who gave the right answer.

When we have done this we will then choose, by drawing a name from the hat, the person who will be the luck recipient of the one hour drama/documentary “The Man Who Murdered Sherlock Holmes.”

It’s as simple and easy as that.

So, if you’re ready to go for it here comes the question that could make you the lucky winner of this hour long DVD about Sherlock Holmes.

Question : Can you name the man who murdered Sherlock Holmes?

That’s it. So head over to our Jack the Ripper Tours Facebook Page and enter your answer in the comment box and, you never know, this weekend you could take a break from the Olympics and join Richard and Mark on a tour of the Holmes connected sites in Edinburgh, London and Dartmoor.