We’ve Chosen a Winner

Before I get to the exciting part of naming the winner of the DVD I thought I’d say a little bit about the making of the DVD.

The Man Who Murdered Sherlock Holmes was filmed in Edinburgh, London and on Dartmoor. I’ve long enjoyed the story of how Arthur Conan Doyle, having created the detective who was destined to become the most famous and iconic fictional detective (and for those who thought Holmes was real I do apologise for spoiling the dream!), became somewhat disillusioned with his creation. So much so that, within a few years he had, supposedly, sent Holmes plummeting to his death in the company of his arch nemesis Professor Moriarty.

I’d also been very intrigued by Conan Doyle’s back story. How his father, Charles, was a chronic alcoholic who, when Holmes first appeared, was incarcerated in an asylum. As it happened Charles was also a very talented artist and Arthur asked him to provide the illustrations for the first edition of A Study  In Scarlet. Evidently Charles recognised some of his own traits in the character of Holmes and so drew him with a bushy beard, almost in his own image.

But, within a few years of the appearance of Holmes, Conan Doyle had grown so tired of his creation’s fame that he decided he had to die. And thus it was that he sent Holmes to his watery grave. So the answer to the question posed in this week’s competition is that Arthur Conan Doyle was the man who murdered Sherlock Holmes.

We got seven correct answers and from those we chose one winner by the simple ruse of Joanne, our office manager calling out a number between 1 and 7.

The number she called out was 5 and the fifth person to answer the question correctly on our Facebook page was Kerry Dugmore. So a big congratulations to Kerry and if you’d like to email us the address to send the DVD to we’ll ensure it goes off to you in the post ASAP.