Things To Do In London

I hope you’re enjoying our series of suggestions that are intended to enhance your understanding of the many great things that the East End of London has to offer. After all, if you’re making a special journey into London to take our tour then it’s only fair that we should act as your key to unlocking the secrets of a, by comparison to some neighbourhoods, little know part of the Capital.

We’re really passionate about the East End, which is why our Jack the Ripper Tour is considered to be the best on offer. After all anyone can read a few books and advertise themselves as an “expert” on a subject. But with our tours you’re joining the guides who wrote the books, the guides who do the legwork to unearth new information which they then publish for the benefit of all those interested in the history of Jack the Ripper.

But we’re not just about Jack the Ripper. We actually research the East End of London so, when you join our walk, you don’t get what you get on other tours – an actor reciting a script that he or she has learnt by rote – you get the benefits of the latest unpublished research and findings that have not yet found their way into those scripts!

More importantly, you are with a guide who knows the subject and the geography of the area inside out and who is, therefore, able to answer any questions you might have; discuss any theories with you; or even reminisce about the history of the East End of London.

That’s because we’re passionate about the East End. And that’s why we also make suggestions about other things to do in the East End of London in addition to taking our tour.

So please keep checking out our blog for great suggestions that will, hopefully, considerably enhance your enjoyment and, hopefully, will introduce you to parts of London you might otherwise miss.