Richard Jones is the leading expert on the ghosts of London and on all aspects of the Capital’s darker history. Join him for his celebrated haunted London tours.


Selected Saturdays at 7.30 pm

As the day ends and the twilight descends upon the old city’s narrow alleyways and hidden courtyards, Richard’s World famous London ghost walk sets of to explore the darker recesses of the historic City where ghosts are known to lurk.

This is widely acknowledged as being the best ghost walk on offer in London and Richard Jones – who is the author of 20 books on the paranormal – is the perfect host to introduce you to the darker side of London’s history.

The tour itself twists and turn through some truly atmospheric passageways and seamlessly blends history, folklore and contemporary sightings of ghosts, to provide you with an unrivalled insight into haunted London.

Even the station where the tour begins is haunted. A mysterious figure that is seen in its depths, and an horrendous smell that has been likened to the “stench of an open grave” being just two of the hauntings that you will hear of at the very beginning of the tour.

Then, you’re off in to the dark courtyards and hidden passageways that snake their way through this truly historic quarter of the City, where almost every corner turned will bring you to a haunted location.

There’s the shadowy corner where you may well feel the cold chill of the devil’s breath upon your face. There’s the dark window pane where people on the tour in 2014 have regularly caught images of a ghostly face on camera. There’s the ancient churchyard where a gruesome 19th century tale of bodysnatching and dentistry may well have you grimacing!

Straying further into the old City, you will encounter the alleyway where several late night wanderers have heard a sinister voice whisper to them in no uncertain terms to…… well, we’ll tell you on the tour and, who knows, you might, just like several people on the walk, hear it yourself!

One of the City’s best attested to hauntings follows next and Richard will tell you of how several people have contacted him to tell how they have actually met with the ghost of the ghostly old lady who wanders the streets around the Bank of England seeking her dead brother.

Then, it’s into an ticked away courtyard where you will stand on the very spot where a family who joined Richard on his ghost walk in 2005 got a little bit more – well all right a lot more – than they bargained for when they took a souvenir home with them!

Another long standing tale of ghostly activity then follows as Richard regales you with the strange tale of the 19th century lady who was buried alive and who was roused from her deathlike slumber by an unwitting church warden.

From the atmospheric old courtyard where these events unfolded, we move on to admire one of the City of London’s most glorious buildings and one that has the WOW factor in abundance. It is also haunted, and Richard will treat you to some chilling tales of what people have experienced on the very spot on which you will be standing.

Having made your way to another location from which those who join Richard’s haunted tour often take away “possible” evidence of paranormal activity, you will visit the old, and it must be said very creepy, churchyard where the tour will end with the ritual that, according to local long ago children, to whom these streets were once a playground, is guaranteed to cause a ghost to follow you home and haunt you!

So join London’s undisputed Master of the Macabre for his original ghost walk and see for yourself those places where ghosts have been known to roam, and through which they still roam today.

Cheers and Chills!