A Whitechapel Mystery – Dead In A Tunnel

Whilst researching the newspaper coverage of the Jack the Ripper murders in 1888 I came upon an intriguing article that appeared in the East London Advertiser  on Saturday 3rd March 1888.

It caught my attention for several reasons, one of which was the fact it talks about Aldgate East Station where our Jack the Ripper Tour begins. Secondly, it is another mystery from the East End of London that might be worth looking into some more. The article stated that:-

“The railway officials and police are making inquiries as to the mysterious death of Esther Lipschitz, a married woman, who was found dead and shockingly injured on Sunday, in the tunnel between Aldgate East and St Mary’s, Whitechapel. A coroner’s enquiry now stands adjourned, but at present no evidence has been called to throw any light on the mystery attaching to this woman’s death.

Mr Abraham Lipschitz , the husband, who is a Hebrew Scripture reader, residing at 51, Spelman Street, Mile End New Town, says he is quite at a loss to account for his wife’s death. after having her breakfast on Sunday morning, she expressed her intention of paying a visit to her brother, Mr Turtis, of Princes Street Spitalfields. she left. Number 51 Spelman Street with that object. When her body was searched. There was in her pocket a ticket from St Mary’s to the Monument station. The deceased’s husband says he feels confident his wife did not commit suicide. She was a most religious woman and had shown no mental derangement whatever. The case at present is altogether mysterious.”

So there you have it, a mother mystery from 1888 for us to look into. I should be doing some more research in the newspaper archives over the coming weeks and will see if I can find the results of the coroner’s inquest and any further information on this particular case.