It’s All Down To Great Guides and a Great Route

One of the main reasons why our tour has proved so popular over the years is the fact that we provide our clients with expert guides and we follow a route that is unsurpassed when it comes to atmosphere.

Our guides are people who have been studying the Jack the Ripper mystery for many years and four of our guides have written books on the case.

But our expert led Jack the Ripper Tour has something else, something that really complements the expertise of the guides who lead the walk. That special something is a route that is truly atmospheric and which, literally, transports you back to the autumn of 1888 when the ripper was wandering the very alleyways that our tour goes straight in to.

The truth is, you can have an expert led tour, but if that tour only visits a few of the Jack the Ripper murder sites, then you’re not getting the full story. That is what makes our tour different from the Tower Hill Jack the Ripper Walks. From Tower Hill you will spend 45 minutes walking through modern streets, that are lined with 20th and 21st century office blocks, before you even reach a site that is connected to the Jack the Ripper mystery.

By contrast, on our tour you will go straight into an old alleyway and pass several buildings that have most certainly survived since 1888.

Indeed, we go straight to the site of the murder that, many experts believe, was the very first Jack the Ripper murder site. Within 30 minutes of starting our tour you will have seen three murder sites, passed 6 buildings that are directly connected with the case AND you will have walked through a warren of unchanged streets that are brimming with atmosphere.

So with our tour you not only get authors who are internationally recognised as major experts on the case but you also get to see more sites that are actually connected with the world’s greatest murder mystery.