And The Winners Are

Well, we’ve done it and we’ve drawn the four winners of the DVD On the Trail of Jack the Ripper. We just asked people on our Facebook Page to give us a like and this time we achieved 49 likes!

A little about the DVD. This was the original DVD of the Jack the Ripper Tour and was made by Mark Ubsdell and Richard Jones in 1997. It was filmed at the Jack the Ripper Murder site locations and in the creepy underground corridors and passages of the House of Detention.

Interestingly the DVD captures a little bit of east End history since several of the locations that are featured no longer exists, an example of how much the East End of London has changed in the last 30 years since Richard began his Jack the Ripper Walk in 1982.

The DVD looks at the Jack the Ripper crimes and uses dramatic reconstructions to give a feel for the area as it was at the time of the Whitechapel murders. So that’s what the four winners will get to see when their copy of the DVD is posted to them this week.

We launched this particular competition on Friday and then just gave people a few days to like the Facebook Page. Then this afternoon Joanne, who runs our office and generally manages everything, was asked to pick four numbers between 1 and 49 and we just then counted down the list of people who had given us a like and those whose names were at the four numbers that Joanne chose were declared the winners. It’s not rocket science but it is effective!

So (big drum roll) the four winners of the DVD On The Trail Of Jack the Ripper were (bigger drum roll!)

Christine Shelley

Emma Kinsey

James Robert Pembridge

and Vikki Scotland.

If you’d care to send us an email via the contact form on the website we’ll pop a copy of the DVD into an envelope and send it to you by first class post. Click here for the contact form.

Congratulations to our four winners and keep an eye on our Jack the Ripper Tours Facebook Page for our next competition and also four news of our walks and other information on the Whitechapel Murders.