All Clear On The Underground This Weekend

This weekend there are no planned line closures on the Underground system so trains will be running into Aldgate East Station as normal.

One of the problems that we have been encountering on our Jack the Ripper Tour in recent years has been the amount of weekend engineering work that has been taking place on the underground system. This has entailed the closure of large parts, and sometimes all,  of the District and Hammersmith and City Lines. Since Aldgate East Underground Station, where our Jack the Ripper Walk begins, is on both of these lines then this meant traveling to the tour entails a little more pre-planning.

As part of our commitment to assisting our clients we have a page of detailed directions that includes up to the minute information on the state of the underground system. This Jack the Ripper Tour planner includes a map of the area so that you can find your way to the tour should you be above ground, a service update that will show you if there are any delays on the underground, and a three day weather forecast to enable you to see what the weather is likely to be like on the night of Your Jack the Ripper Walking Tour.

In addition you can simply click on “This Weekend” link on the Tube service update and see which lines, if any, will be closed should you be joining the tour on a Saturday or Sunday night.

In the event that the tubes aren’t running into Aldgate East and the Station is closed, we will provide you with step by step directions from the nearest open Station, such as Liverpool Street, Tower Hill and Bank Stations. We have paced these directions at a very leisurely pace and will provide you with how long the walk should take at this pace.

Of course, on those nights when there have been line closures, our clients have been able to phone our dedicated emergency phone number and our staff have been able to direct them to the starting point or, in the event of them arriving late, talk them to the location that the walk as reached by the time of their arrival.

We will post a warning here on our Latest News section whenever there is likely to be a line or station closure, so that you will have plenty of warning of any disruption to your journey.