Damien Hirst’s Christmas Tree

I don’t know about you, but I love a nice Christmas tree.

And, I must admit, London has got some terrific ones up at the moment.

You’re just walking along, full of festive frivolity and, there it is, a 20 or so foot sparkling source of joy and merriment.

So, on Monday, as I was wandering along Mayfair’s Carlos Place, I was intrigued to see a lovely, very large Christmas tree twinkling away outside the Connaught Hotel.

Accordingly, I moved in closer to inspect the decorations.

A view from across the road of the Damien Hirst Christmas Tree.
The Damien Hirst Christmas Tree

It soon became apparent that this was no ordinary, traditional tree.

Indeed, a close look at the accompanying information board revealed that I was looking at a work of art by no less a person, or artist, than Damien Hirst. And, what an intriguing artwork it turned out to be. The tree, which stands at over 30 feet tall is adorned with 300 decorations which, according to Hirst, “reference some of the amazing things that give us hope in the world today.”

And what sort of amazing things, you might ask, give us hope today. Well, I’m glad you asked since, again according to he who created this Mayfair wonder the decorations consists of “…a series of festively reimagined medical instruments, snowmen formed of giant pills, as well as traditional white doves – a symbol of hope, beauty and fragility – and garlands of pink sausages, playfully reflecting the idea of Christmas being a time of plenty…”

I could go on and on about the decorations, but a picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words, so ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy the decorations of the Connaught’s first Christmas tree.

A view of two decorations showing a pill bottle and a syringe.
A Pill Bottle and A Syringe


These decorations are a snowman made out of a white pill and a syringe.
Pill Snowman and Syringe


A pair of scissors and a white pill decorations.
Scissors Hanging


An image of a cough medicine bottle.
Coughing Around The Christmas Tree


A series of decorations including scissors, a white bird and a pill snowman.
From Pills To Birds


These decorations consist of a scalpel and a white pill.
A Scalpel and a Pill


The star made of scalpels atop the Damien Hirst Tree.
Every Tree Needs A Star!

So there it is London’s most unique Christmas Tree, which is located directly in front of Mayfair’s Connaught Hotel.

Merry Christmas!