Let’s Get Social

We’ve built up quite a community of people who are fascinated by the Jack the Ripper crimes on our Facebook page. One of the aspects of the page is the daily question that we pose to our community whereby we pose an item of interest and gauge what people think about it.

This is something we like to do a lot on our nightly Jack the Ripper Tour. We’ve never wanted our walk to be the standard touristy walk, which is the main reason it is guided consistently by experts who have written book on the subject, as opposed to guides who have just read a couple of books on the subject! We prefer that the tour be a guided discussion in which participants are encouraged to get involved and ask as many questions as they like.

We like to continue this ethos on our Facebook Page, which is where the idea of the daily question comes in.

One of the most recent question we asked (on Saturday June 29th 2013 to be precise) was  if the Victorian Police had had access to DNA profiling would they have caught Jack the Ripper?

Julie Stirk responded that they most certainly would have done since murder scenes such as those left by Jack the Ripper would have contained lots of DNA as it would have been impossible for him not to have left a whole load of DNA behind.

Cecilia Lowen believes that DNA profiling would have led to the killer’s apprehension and made the very valid point that they would also have benefited “…if they had had psychological profiling…he was probably a charming narcissist and not a “monster” lurking in the dark.”

It is intriguing to speculate as to whether or not modern detection techniques would have  resulted in Jack the Ripper’s apprehension and it is something we do night after night as we wend our way around those dark and creepy streets where the world’s greatest murder mystery unfolded.

But we also want to make sure that we offer a true resource where like minded individuals can get together and speculate on the case. So please be sure to come on over to our Facebook page and join us for some interesting and challenging discussions.