New Emergency Phone Number

As many who have taken our tour have found, we offer a comprehensive set of fall backs to ensure that your journey to our walking tour goes as smoothly as possible.

No only do we provide weather forecasts several days in advance (and yes I know you can’t always rely on it) as well as on the day itself, but you can also check for any delays on our Meeting Point page.

But by far the most useful, and in many cases, night saving, fall back services we offer is our emergency phone number.

This is manned between 6pm and 8pm on the day of the tour and our staff are on the other end of the phone to help you out should you encounter any problems getting to the start of the Jack the Ripper tour, or should you be running late.

We are currently manning both the old mobile phone number emergency number and the new dedicated office number. But, as of next Tuesday (30th October) the old number will be discontinued and the new one will be the one we answer. 


020 7193-5793

So, as of Tuesday 30th October, please be sure to have this number with you when you set out for the tour and please be sure to call us should any difficulties arise.