Track Work This Weekend


Oh dear, they’re at it again! Now that the memory of the Olympics has faded into a hazy distant mist, as thick and as dense as the current mists that are descending from time to time over the streets of London, London Underground have gone back to their regular weekend line closures as they attempt to modernise the system.

This means that Aldgate East Underground Station, where our Jack the Ripper Tour begins, will be closed on Saturday 27th October and Sunday 28th October, so those attending our walk will need to find other means of getting to the station.


So, if you’re travelling to the Jack the Ripper Tour this weekend, firstly be sure to take a note of our new emergency phone number which is 020 7193-5793. As usual this will be manned (or should that be womanned?) by our ever efficient office manager Joanne.

If you are experiencing any difficulties getting to the tour be sure to give her a call, she’s there to help.

However, we’ve also got dedicated sections on our website that tell you how to get to the station by bus or by using alternative stations. The 25 bus stops right outside Aldgate East Station, whilst the closest two alternative stations are Liverpool Street Station and Bank. We’ve paced out step by step directions from these stations to get you to Exit Four of Aldgate East and you can CLICK HERE to get those directions. The longest walk, at a relaxed pace, is the one from Bank Station which takes about 16 minutes.

So, to sum up, our Jack the Ripper Tour will be going ahead on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend, but, with the line closures, you’ll need to find alternative ways to get to the start point. Please be sure to check out our alternative directions before setting out.