The People of The East End

Today sees the launch of the next instalment of our on line documentary telling the story of the Jack the Ripper murders.

We’ve introduced London as it was in 1888 and taken a look at the area where the murders occurred. 

We’ve covered the murder of Mary Nichols, which took place in Buck’s Row on August 31st 1888.

We’ve introduced the detectives who headed up the hunt for Jack the Ripper –  from Dr Robert Anderson who was in overall charge of the Metropolitan Police’s Detective Department to Inspector Frederick George Abberline, the man who was in charge of the on the ground investigation in the area itself.

Today we take a look at the people who lived in the area and who, ultimately, had to live through the Jack the Ripper care.

This instalment is presented by Richard Jones and features expert interviews with Paul Begg and our Jack the Ripper Tour guide Lindsay Siviter.

It looks at the events that were happening in the area in the wake of the murder of Mary Nichols.

It also introduces a very early suspect, a man whom the local prostitutes claimed was threatening them whom they had give the nickname of “Leather Apron.”

So please enjoy the instalment, and be sure to tune in for the next segment of our Jack the Ripper documentary which will be posted on the 8th September, the 125th anniversary of the murder of Annie Chapman, the fourth Whitechapel Murders victim and the second definite victim of Jack the Ripper.