Who Won The Voucher?

Well, we’ve chosen the winner of our great Gift Voucher give away.

We don’t really go in for high-tech wizardry here at ripper central. Rather, we’re more of the old fashioned sort of wizardry, well to be honest there’s no wizardry at all just our ever efficient office manager Joanne calling out a number (on this occasion between 1 and 89) and, whosoever, shall find their name at that number shall be the winner of our Jack the Ripper Tour Gift Voucher.

The voucher itself is valid for one year from today so, in other words, the winner can take the walk at any time between today and 18th August 2013, so there’s no rush.

To redeem the voucher you just need to phone us or email us and your name will then be placed on the guest list for the night you require. It’s as simple as that since, in addition to not being very technical, we also have a heartfelt revulsion to red tape, so we won’t make you jump through hoops to claim you gift voucher.

To actually get the voucher you just need to email us via the contact page here on the website (it’s up there on the top right), give us your address and we’ll send the voucher out by first class post.

So that, in a nutshell, is all the info necessary to claim and redeem this weeks give away. All that remains now is for us to choose the wining name. So here goes…….

The winner of the voucher give away is (big drum roll!)

Nicola Robinson.

Congratulations to Nicola. Just email us the address you wish it sent to via the contact form and we’ll get it off to you by first class post on Monday. We look forward to welcoming you and your guest onto our walk.